Why Writers Stop Writing

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Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, pondering a question I’ve heard more than once. Readers often ask “whatever became of . . . ?” and name a writer whose books they loved. There’s no one answer, of course, but since many writers I know say they can’t not write, even if they have no hope of being published, and claim they will only stop writing when you pry their cold dead fingers from the keyboard, it’s a puzzle worth examining.

That “cold dead fingers” is one answer. Writers aren’t immortal, although their books do live on after them. Poor health can also end a writer’s career. Those reasons aside, why do some writers simply disappear?

For the purposes of this post, my focus is on writers of popular fiction in the romance and mystery genres. I’m ignoring one-book wonders, authors of blockbuster novels, and literary fiction. That said, let’s start by…

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